Planned Parenthood Covers For Woman Beating AG?

Planned Parenthood did an obligatory re-tweet late last night, attempting a mild condemnation of now-former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman who is credibly accused of sexual impropriety with at least four women, acknowledging, at least implicitly, that it was “right” that Schneiderman resign.

But Tuesday morning, Planned Parenthood was back on the offensive, taking up arms against White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway when Conway dared to suggest Schneiderman was being disingenuous by attacking President Donald Trump on his way out the door.

Perhaps they’re a little . . . bitter?

Schneiderman turns out not just to be an alleged abuser, but also an alleged racist. According to testimony obtained by The New Yorker, Schneiderman used racial slurs to refer to his Sri Lankan girlfriend, calling her his “brown slave” during what she claims were non-consensual sessions of BDSM sexual intercourse.

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