Iran LIVID After Trump Kills Nuke Deal

Iranian lawmakers shouted “Death to America!” and burned the United States flag Wednesday, just hours after President Trump announced he was withdrawing from the nuclear deal championed and agreed to by former President Barack Obama’s administration.

Iranian lawmakers held the impromptu demonstration at the parliament building in Tehran, the capital of the Islamic Republic, where officials also burned a piece of paper representing the nuclear accord.

The chant “Death to America” has long been used in Iran, going back at least to the 1979 Islamic Revolution. It also has been common to hear the slogan shouted within parliament.


“You heard last night that the president of America made some silly and superficial comments,” Khamenei said, according to Reuters. “He had maybe more than 10 lies in his comments. He threatened the regime and the people, saying you’re doing this and that. Mr. Trump, I tell you on behalf of the Iranian people: You’ve made a mistake.”


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