200 Convicted Jihadists Set To Be Released

The defense against the global jihad is a war. Jihad attacks in the West are single battles in that war. Yet authorities continue to prosecute jihadis as if they were a series of criminals committing separate and discrete criminal acts that are unrelated to one another. If we had arrested and tried separately in criminal court every German and Japanese soldier captured during World War II, which side would have won that war? This myopia is self-defeating at best, and as the jihad continues, that will become increasingly obvious. One occasion of its becoming obvious will be when these jihadis are released.

“Europe faces a wave of freed terror convicts. Is it ready?,” Associated Press, May 10, 2018:

PARIS (AP) — Over the next two years, terrorism convicts will walk free from European prisons by the dozens — more than 200 inmates who largely formed the first wave of jihadis streaming to Syria and Iraq, dreaming of an Islamic caliphate not yet established.

In all, about 12,000 Europeans left to fight with the Islamic State group and al-Qaida beginning in 2011; about a third of those are now believed to be back home, mostly living freely. Some are awaiting trial, but most never even faced serious charges due to insufficient evidence.

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