Student Questioned Over “Come and Take It” Flag

Officials at South Pasadena High School hauled a student in for questioning for wearing a “Come and Take It” flag as part of his Second Amendment activism.

According to an audio recording obtained by Campus Reform, several school officials extensively questioned Charles Li, a member of South Pasadena High School Young Conservatives, as he was preparing to participate in a pro-Second Amendment walkout.

An assistant principal and another administrator spoke with Li about the “Come and Take It” flag that he was wearing as a cape, and informed him that the school’s dress code does not allow students to promote “violence.”


Among the best-known variations of the flag dates back to the Battle of Gonzales during the Texas War for Independence, when Texas militia used it to taunt Mexican soldiers tasked with seizing the town’s cannon, but Li was wearing a more contemporary iteration depicting an AR-15 in place of the cannon barrel.

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