Day Care Fraud Might Be Aiding Terrorists

A recent investigation conducted by Fox 9 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has found evidence that proceeds from day care fraud may be sending taxpayer dollars to areas of Somalia controlled by terrorist groups.

Fox 9’s investigation of public records and “nearly a dozen government sources” may show how millions of dollars from government benefits have been funneled from day care centers in Minnesota and carried out of the country in suitcases, likely headed to regions of Somalia controlled by the al Shabaab terrorist group. Watch:

Almost weekly, suitcases loaded with $1 million cash depart for the Middle East from MSP. Sources told Fox 9 that nearly $100 million in cash left the airport in carry-on luggage. Retired Seattle police detective Glen Kerns, a national expert with 15 years of experience working with the FBI’s joint terrorism task force, tracked the money and discovered it was being sent to a region of Somalia controlled by the al Shabaab terrorist group. The money goes through Hawalas, “businesses used to courier money to countries that have no official banking system,” Fox 9 reported.

“I talked to a couple of sources who had lived in that region and I said, ‘If money is going to this Hawala do you think it is going to al Shabaab?’” said Kerns. “And he said, ‘Oh definitely, that area is controlled by al Shabaab, and they control the Hawala there.’”

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