NAACP Leader Caught Lying On Body Cam Video

In a public Facebook post last month, the president of the Timmonsville, South Carolina NAACP chapter claimed he was racially profiled by a Timmonsville police officer, mocked, and accused of having drugs on him. The footage captured by the body camera of the attending officer, though, debunks the leader’s claims.

Rev. Jerrod Moultrie was pulled over on the night of April 12 for failing to signal before a turn. The following day, Moultrie took to Facebook, where he painted himself as a victim of a racist officer.

In the post, which has since tellingly been removed from his Facebook page, Moultrie said he was pulled over for driving a nice car in a nice neighborhood while black.

“TONIGHT I WAS RACIALLY PROFILED By Timmonsville officer CAUSE I WAS DRIVING A MERCEDES BENZ AND GOING HOME IN A NICE NEIGHBORHOOD,” he started the post. “But you know tomorrow they will hear from me.”


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