“Remove The Bell Bigot!” The Left’s Latest Blunder

Students at the University of California, Santa Cruz are calling for the removal of a traditional California “mission bell” from campus because it “represents genocide.”

California mission bells mark the path of the historic El Camino Real, the 700 mile trail that connected the 21 California missions. The bells are a common way of recognizing state history, and have marked the route of the El Camino Real since 1906, with hundreds of them currently dotting the landscape.

The state of California has its own “Mission Bell Project,” with state-funded bells running the length of the original path, often in conjunction with major California highways. The bells erected by the state are replicas, crafted from the same molds of the original historical markers, which had to be removed over the years due to damage, vandalism, and theft.

The historic city of Santa Cruz is named after Mission Santa Cruz, and as a result, the UC Santa Cruz campus is home to one simple mission bell marking the path of the El Camino Real, which happens to run through campus.

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