United States Citizen Suffers Daily as Iranian an Hostage Claims Wife

The wife of a U.S. hostage in Iran told supporters at a Friday rally that Xiyue Wang “is in constant pain from health problems” caused by brutal abuse and rancid living conditions, and “is losing hope.”

The vigil for the Princeton graduate student drew faculty and fellow students, along with Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.), who said he plans on bringing Hua Qu before Congress to testify about her husband’s plight.

“If we use the leverage that we have, and it is considerable, we can effectuate the release of Wang and other Americans being held,” Smith said.

The congressman noted that “when we make it a priority in our diplomacy, when we prudently and in a solemn fashion use sanctions in a way that’s most likely to achieve a positive outcome, we can see the release of prisoners who are being unjustly incarcerated.”

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