Former Clinton Pollster Drops Bomb About Muller…

On Sunday, former Hillary Clinton pollster and chairman of the Harris Poll Mark Penn called for a speedy end to the Russia investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, for the good of all Americans.

“This process must now be stopped, preferably long before a vote in the Senate,” Penn wrote. “Rather than a fair, limited and impartial investigation, the Mueller investigation became a partisan, open-ended inquisition that, by its precedent, is a threat to all those who ever want to participate in a national campaign or an administration again.”

The pollster argued that “stopping Mueller” is “about all presidents and all parties.” The investigation sets a dangerous precedent that chills political involvement, he argued. “It’s about cleaning out and reforming the deep state so that our intelligence operations are never used against opposing campaigns without the firmest of evidence.”

“It’s about letting people work for campaigns and administrations without needing legal defense funds. It’s about relying on our elections to decide our differences,” Penn argued.

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