Alleged Rapist Uses Islamophobia As Defense

The defence lawyer for a Rotherham man on trial for sexually abusing two underage girls claimed that one alleged victim “made up” the assault claim to “carry on the campaign in relation to Muslims”.

The courts have yet to determine whether Khurram Javed is guilty, but it is unconscionable that his defense lawyer Patrick Cassidy would use “Islamophobia” as a defense against a potential victim in a Muslim rape gang case. When one cries “Islamophobia,” one is simply trying to divert attention from the non-Muslim victims of crimes perpetrated by Muslims. Other victims have been told to “shut up for the good of diversity,” as Muslim MP Naz Shah advised via a retweet.

In Rotherham alone, Muslim rape gang activity has been so vast that police needed 100 more officers to investigate, running up costs to 14 million dollars. Children are being preyed upon in parks; and “up to one million white English children may have been the victims of Muslim rape gangs.”

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