Levin: Hypocritical Media Has Forgotten Obama’s Abuse Of The Press

On his radio show Thursday, LevinTV host Mark Levin called out the legacy media’s hypocritical, pearl-clutching cries that President Trump’s criticism makes him a threat to freedom of the press.

To illustrate his point, Levin read aloud from a 2016 New York Times column entitled “If Donald Trump Targets Journalists, Thank Obama.” The piece lays out in detail the litany of actual abuses President Obama and his administration carried out against the press and its sources.


“The man who did more in modern American history to abuse the media, to abuse freedom of the press, to criminalize and charge, punish and imprison matters related to reporting than any modern president is celebrated by the media,” Levin remarked.

“Donald Trump hasn’t done any of this,” Levin concluded. “And yet Donald Trump is said to threaten freedom of the press because he dares to defend himself publicly.”

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