Starbucks Saving Face Or Giving it Their Best Shot? Here Is What Patrons Think…

ARLINGTON, Va. – Starbucks customers told PJM that the company’s decision to close every store on Tuesday for “unconscious bias” training was not necessary.

An employee heading into the 4-hour training session at a location in Pentagon City said he did not think he would learn much there.

“I do think it’s good the whole company is being required to do it because that’s not something that should just be left alone – that’s a big issue. Everyone comes in here all the time. I never say anything to them. They don’t order. They just sit down. It’s fine, regardless of their race or color or anything,” said the employee, who chose to remain anonymous. “I think it’s a good thing – but I don’t know exactly what we’re going to be learning because I already pretty much treat everybody the same, so I don’t really know what I’m going to be learning too much of.”


“There was this one lady, she was Caucasian, she was banging on the bathroom door for like 15 minutes and then a black lady came out and was like, ‘you need to stop being f’n racist’ but in my head, I’m like, you were in the bathroom behind a locked door, how? How does she know what you were? She just wanted to use the bathroom. I don’t understand that whole situation,” he said.

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