Conservative Group Put On SPLC Hate List Fights Back

On Thursday, the leftist attack dog Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) launched the first direct salvo against PragerU, the conservative nonprofit behind hundreds of short videos explaining conservative ideas. The SPLC is most notorious for its list of “hate groups,” especially after a terrorist targeted the Family Research Center (FRC) using that very list. Internet companies like Google have taken to using the SPLC list to censor “hate groups,” and PragerU is suing Google over YouTube censorship.

“They claim to be a hate watch group, but they’re actually a hate group,” PragerU CEO Marissa Streit told PJ Media in an interview on Thursday. “They cannot tolerate opposing ideas. All that matters to them is that we come up with information and ideas they don’t agree with and therefore we’re bad.”

Citing the terrorist attack on FRC, Streit confided to PJ Media that PragerU is “nervous” about responding to the SPLC’s attacks. “We know that we have reasons to be scared, because we have seen what happened to our friends at FRC,” she said. “What do we need to do to feel safe in America to voice our opinions which may be contrary to what the SPLC is allowing us to say?”

“We would be fools or blind to not be nervous about being on the SPLC’s hate list,” Streit confided. Even so, the conservative nonprofit is determined to stand for American values, no matter the opposition.

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  1. Post supporters and agents names. SPLc needs that type of exposure. Follow the activities of these people and let the common man know what and who they really are. They can not hide from the truth.

  2. Everyone should realize that the SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER is a HATE GROUP!!! They should be CENSURED and SUED for INCITING and PROMOTING VIOLENCE against RELIGIOUS GROUPS in VIOLATION of their FREE SPEECH RIGHTS in the FIRST AMENDMENT to the CONSTITUTION!!! Their putting out of a list presenting such religious groups as hate groups is a LIE and the SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER should be put in the category of someone who YELLS “FIRE” FALSELY IN A THEATER!!!

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