FBI Taken To Court By Gun Owners

From time to time, a law-abiding citizen will find themselves denied on a NICS check. There are plenty of reasons this happens. Maybe a criminal has a similar name, or maybe one was using the law-abiding person’s identity when arrested. Whatever the reason, the individual in question has never been convicted of a crime or anything else that should bar them from purchasing a firearm, yet here they are. Denied.

That means they need to appeal the denial. They want that fixed, so they don’t have to deal with such a problem in the future. I don’t blame them.

However, it seems the FBI has been a little reluctant to do much of anything about it.

Now, a lawsuit is underway to try and force the Bureau’s hand on the matter.

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  1. Just part of the NWO-FBI’s pursuit to disarm the sheeple – no surprise here; after all, they are to blame for nearly all of the gun control mass shootings in which they either perpetrated or allowed to occur! Case after case, these killers were on the NWO-FBI’s radar – just as the Boston Bomber, Orlando shooter, Muslim Ft. Hood terrorist – and somehow the sheeple are made to believe that these were mistakes – mistakes my ass!WTFU!

    • My suggestion is to acquire guns that cannot be traced back to you. Grease them up, wrap them up, along with ammo and bury them in photo bags so ground penetrating radar and metal detectors can’t find them. Don’t lose your treasure map! This is in lieu of what all thinking people can see coming–gun confiscations. Already happened in my state, Hawaii. Any guns that are purchased legally but not registered here can get you a six month jail sentence. Try to declare a handgun and see what happens. Before you know it your gun will be worn on the hip of a lucky policeman. Also, basic licenses such as that for medical marijuana immediately generate a letter telling you to turn in your guns or be subject to persecution. This is a life-or-death issue. Take it seriously!

    • Oh, come now. The FBI/DOJ is far too busy chasing colluding Russians to bother themselves with information that could have stopped a school shooting, let alone right the wrongs of the law abiding!

    • The bulk of these shootings are the product of CIA mind control. Don’t believe me? Google it, you’ll be surprised.

      • The bulk of these shootings aren’t even real. If the FBI shows up as a first responder, it isn’t real. They are engaged in misdirection, not trying to solve anything. Just making sure everything the media is supposed to show gets seen and nothing they aren’t. As well as making sure they only speak to the actors that have been hired for the job.


      The FBI,CIA,NSA,DOJshould be closed down. These agencies no longer serve the people they are self serving by people no longer in touch. Close them down start over.

  2. Ditto on the agreement with E. Nuff, and they have proven that corruption is rampant in upper echelons of the agency, as well as the NSA, CIA, INS and many other government agencies. Time for a severe house cleaning and getting rid of the varmints who are giving each one a bad name!

  3. GUNS: USE THEM OR LOSE THEM No Right is secure without enforcement.
    FBI agents and all such Public Servants require ENFORCED DISCIPLINE.
    Our Public Servants have defied our Law and Due Process of Law.
    Not all convictions are Lawful.

    RISE UP AND SHINE Take Down That Evil Tower

  4. I for one will not succumb to any confiscation, it will be a violation of constitutional law. They’ve been allowed to infringe since 1934 as the person above said E. Nuff. Ive lived free, I’ll die free. MOLON LABE! I have assembled my collection, and for my purposes need no more arms. That little phrase above will get you on a watch list lately I hear. I’m not fearful of that as any law abiding citizen shouldn’t be. Until we stand as the free men we are under the constitution, and oppose illegal regulation and infringement they will continue to do it. Guns save lives has taken up the mantle in Deerfield Ill. To oppose that confiscation and infringement. Active duty and veterans are persecuted as well in this, but even a very large portion of democrats are with us in this we must stop the infringement on our rights. Praise God and pass the ammo!

  5. Bottom line of we truly believe in the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment our Forefathers placed into the Bill of Right’s is for the fact to fight against a Tyrannical Government! I am sick and tired of listening to these politicians that if they held a firearm they would probably hurt someone out of their total ignorance! The Liberals and some Swamp Rats Republicans actually believe they Have the power to disarm US they dont! The Constitution was written before State and a federal government’s even existed so they have No right to regulate it!

  6. Have a friend who has purchased many rifles. He was denied one on a check to the FBI. Got a lawyer, cost $500, it then took a blink of an eye to get an O.K. Wonder??????

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