ISIS Propaganda Depicts Drone Bombing On Major Stage…

A new video from an ISIS-supporting media group depicts a drone flying over Fisht Stadium in Sochi’s Olympic Park while multiple explosions detonate around the World Cup venue.

The first game of the World Cup is Thursday morning between Russia and Saudi Arabia. The first match set for Fisht Stadium is Friday between Portugal and Spain.

ISIS supporters have recently intensified long-running online threats against the FIFA World Cup. The 11 host cities for World Cup matches span the far western part of the country, from Ekaterinburg in the east to Kaliningrad on the Baltic coast, from St. Petersburg to the north down to Olympic city Sochi at the Black Sea.

The 10-minute video from Al-Adiyat Media, “Be Violent Toward Them,” first shows stock battlefield scenes from the caliphate, along with ISIS’ use of drones to film suicide bombers driving toward intended targets and detonating their vehicles. It then focuses on Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov while highlighting contributions of Russian jihadists.

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