Dem Is Arrested for Loitering, Makes Unthinkable Claim

Teacher and Maine U.S. Senate Democratic nominee Zak Ringelstein was arrested Friday for refusing to leave the premises of a border detention facility after being told the general public is not allowed in, the Daily Caller reported. He’s now calling himself a political prisoner on Twitter.

ingelstein, who livestreamed his attempts to get in the detention center on Facebook, was told by an agent at the facility that employees are allowed to open the doors for the media as well as “people who write the laws and can be here. The general public cannot.”

Ringelstein said he visited to bring toys, books, and blankets to detained children. On the video, he did not respond to the suggestion that he take his donations to a local church “that the facility works with,” where the agents informed him he would be more effective. Instead, he asked why he could not take pictures inside with the children.

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