Michael Moore Cries Every Time He Reads The News

Activist Michael Moore said he cries every day when he reads the news during an emotional interview on Thursday with late-night host Stephen Colbert.

Appearing to promote his new movie Fahrenheit 11/9, the liberal filmmaker was alternately despairing and fired up over the overall tenor of the Donald Trump administration and its border policies in particular.

“Where does this go?” Colbert asked. “We’ve got a gerrymandered Congress, because of the Electoral College, essentially a gerrymandered presidency, and therefore, you end up with a gerrymandered Supreme Court. What is the end game here, because you don’t want to end this in anything violent, or some sort of really revolutionary confrontation. You want a political change at the end of this. Do you have any hope for that?”

Moore said he wouldn’t appear on Colbert’s show if he didn’t have hope, but he then pivoted to asking Colbert a “personal question.”

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