Asian Americans Brutalized By Affirmative Action, Tipping Point For The Program?

This week the Trump administration reversed an Obama-era policy that encouraged colleges to use race as a consideration in admissions. While the move itself is mostly symbolic, it coincides with the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, who in 2016 was the swing vote in a case upholding the University of Texas’ race-based admissions policies.

In addition to these two developments, a New York City plan to use race as an element in admissions to elite public high schools that are now dominated by Asian students, and allegations that Harvard University is discriminating against Asian applicants, have woken a sleeping dragon. What has been known for some time but is now getting the attention it deserves is that affirmative action programs disproportionately harm Asians. In fact, they harm them far more than they harm whites.

Historically the basis and justification of race-based admissions was that white students benefited from centuries of racial injustice in myriad ways. As a result, affirmative action was meant to redress historical imbalances and level the playing field for minority students. But now that we see race-based admissions are disadvantaging Asians more than they are whites, this basis simply falls apart.

It is farcical to imagine that somehow centuries of systemic white supremacy are benefiting Asian students, many of who are first-generation Americans or even immigrants themselves. Moreover, there is no plausible way to suggest that these recent arrivals had any hand in creating the systems that disadvantage other minority groups.

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