Schumer & McConnell Have Very Different Takes On Supreme Court Nominee

WASHINGTON — Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) praised as “superb” President Trump’s selection of federal appeals court judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill the vacancy left by retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, while Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) prepared for a Tuesday morning protest on the steps of the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh, a 53-year-old former law clerk for Kennedy, also teaches at Harvard, Yale, and Georgetown. His wife, Ashley Estes, was President George W. Bush’s personal secretary. They have two daughters and are active in D.C.’s Catholic community, including volunteering with Catholic Charities and tutoring at Washington Jesuit Academy.

“Judge Kavanaugh has sterling academic credentials. He is widely admired for his intellect, experience, and exemplary judicial temperament. He has won the respect of his peers and is highly regarded throughout the legal community,” McConnell said. “And his judicial record demonstrates a firm understanding of the role of a judge in our Republic: Setting aside personal views and political preferences in order to interpret our laws as they are written.”

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  1. I agree with McConnell, he is an excellent choice. The left does not want Cavanaugh because they know that he will support the rule of law. They want someone who will bendthe law so that they can get their way. This is much like we treat the Bible. Bend everything so that you can pick & choose what you want. All of this is a lack of belief in God & respect for his word, the Bible.

    • Let’s be honest, no matter who Trump nominates, the left will oppose because they want a liberal on the bench and no way in Hell is Trump going to nominate one. Just as a liberal president wouldn’t nominate a conservative. Kennedy wasn’t really a liberal, so this will just be a replacement and keep things the same as they were. Trump has a nice list, any one of them would make a great justice. He can keep this up – all the way to the mid terms and let the democrats keep blocking and lose votes because they are not doing their job. When Obama was on his way out, the republicans stalled because it was close to the election which could have changed things (and it did). Too long before Trump has to face another election, so not too smart an idea to stall. Of course, who ever accuses the liberals of being smart (except for other liberals). Just look at the idiotic things Peloli and Waters keep saying. They are both nut cases. Schumer just wants to obstruct – doesn’t matter if it’s a good idea or not, he will not approve of anything Trump says or does.

  2. Schumer and the left want pseudo-legislators on the Supreme Court so they can by pass the legislative system and ram through their progressive agenda, which is to destroy America. Hopefully president Trump will be able to get one or two more judicial picks before his term is out. By putting “originalists” on the court, America can be saved

  3. Just the fact that crooked democrats is trying to reject President Trumps choice, leads me to believe he is making the right choice. He is a perfect and well groomed for the job.

  4. Solid choice. The more libs piss and moan the better I feel. As far as the class clown of the democrat party stays outside of congress the better off Americans are. Lock him out.

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