Showtime’s New Show Revealed To Be An Anti-Republican Hit Piece

After the release of a teaser promo featuring Dick Cheney signing a “waterboard kit” and a blistering Facebook post by Sarah Palin revealing the “sick” trick the host used to dupe her into a fake interview, a report by Fox News on Showtime’s new show “Who is America?” should come as no surprise: Sacha Baron Cohen’s seven-episode show is reportedly “nothing more than a Hollywood hit job on Trump supporters and the Republican Party.”

Billed as a show that is supposed to highlight “diverse individuals…across the political and cultural spectrum,” the show, according to a source who viewed rough cuts of parts of the series at a March 22 screening, is an anti-Republican and Trump supporter “hit job” that presents “an exaggerated account of the perceived paranoia and all the hate the left thinks people on the right have towards so many groups.”

“They actually tried to screen out the Republicans,” the insider told Fox News. “Cohen went undercover to nail Republicans. Total hit piece on Dick Cheney, Sheriff Joe, Roy Moore and others. None of these people seemed to know they were duped. Total secret.”​

The “unbelievably partisan” project, the source said, involved the production team “trolling online for far-right people to interact with and [getting material for] more setups for future episodes.” They also did some interviews of people on the Left, but apparently only for “cover.”

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