BORDER CRISSIS: 13-Year-Old Girl Beheaded for Grandmothers Connection To Cartel

A 13-year-old Huntsville girl was beheaded after she witnessed her grandmother assaulted with a knife and left to die on the ground in a cemetery, court testimony revealed.


Israel Palomino, 34, and Yoni Aguilar, 26, are charged with two counts each of capital murder in the slayings of Mendoza and Lopez.

Aguilar was in Madison County District Court on Thursday for a preliminary hearing. District Judge Claude Hundley ruled prosecutors have enough evidence to send the case to a grand jury. In a statement to investigators, Aguilar, who was Mendoza’s boyfriend, confessed and also implicated Palomino, according to the sheriff’s office.

It was June 2 when Palomino, Aguilar, Mendoza and a woman named Leticia Garcia went to pick up a quarter kilo of meth in Norcross, Georgia, a small city northeast of Atlanta, authorities said. Something apparently went wrong during the trip, Rutherford told the court. It was Mendoza and Garcia who were tied to the cartel, and Palomino thought there might be a setup, the investigator testified.