Union Backs Substitute Who is Now Being Accused Of Rape

A Seattle Public Schools teaching assistant with a history of terrible job performance, including showing up to work smelling like alcohol and putting a special needs child in a headlock, has now been arrested and fired for alleged rape, reports the Seattle Times.

Albert C. Virachismith was fired by Seattle Public Schools in February after a 9-year-old boy accused the substitute teacher of sexually assaulting him in a bathroom. But, as noted by the Seattle Times, the fact that Virachismith had previously violated his “last chance pact” crafted by his union representatives and the school district should have earned him his termination months before this alleged rape occurred.

Prior to the 2018 rape accusation, Virachismith had “missed work 21 times, routinely showed up late or reeking of alcohol, disrupted class with loud outbursts, even one time ‘playfully’ put a special-needs student with impulse-control issues into a headlock” during the 2016-2017 school year. According to the Seattle Times, he “missed 13 of the first 65 scheduled days of school in 2016, and repeatedly arrived late — sometimes, by several hours — on multiple days.”

Likewise, “after one unplanned absence from work, Virachismith emailed the principal, claiming he failed to show because he’d been arrested. The next day, he met with an assistant principal and ‘admitted that he had lied and made up the story.’

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