Why Did Governor Andrew Cuomo Pardon The “Voodoo Rapist” and Other Monsters?

Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) has granted conditional pardons to dozens of convicted sex offenders “deemed too dangerous to be returned to the community” so they can vote, says a report from left-leaning outlet the New York Daily News.

Under a new policy which grants conditional pardons to some 24,000 parolees, at least 77 have been confirmed as convicted sexual predators, including rapists, pedophiles, and a man known as the “voodoo rapist.”

Hector Aviles, 61, AKA the voodoo rapist, “was convicted of second-degree rape in Westchester County in 2008 after telling three of his victims — the oldest of whom was 16 — that if they participated in a sexual ‘ritual’ with him, he could help them with their problems. If they didn’t, he said, bad things would happen to them and their families,” says the report.

Records show that the sex offenders were “sent to civil confinement in state psychiatric hospitals after their prison time was up.”

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