Former NFL Player On The Leagues Future

Let’s face it: the National Football League has had its share of controversy the past couple of years. The player protests over the national anthem and the looming specter of middling quarterback turned political lightning rod Colin Kaepernick have damaged the league in the eyes of many.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell thought he could quell some of the brouhaha by issuing a blanket policy banning 0n-field protests, but that act just stirred the hornet’s nest further.

The league may have hurt itself by wading into political waters. A recent poll shows that even some of the NFL’s hardcore fans are losing interest. One former Super Bowl champion even went on Fox Business this week to express his belief that the NFL’s problems with protests are just beginning.

Burgess Owens, who played in the league for ten years and won a Super Bowl with the New York Jets in 1980, told Fox’s Stuart Varney that he believes the coming season and beyond hold problems for the NFL. “This is about a global reach,” Owens said on Monday. “It’s about a corporation that understands that they need to get past the American market.”

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  1. Futbol=Soccer, let the Games begin & Chap 13 NFL.
    Soccer is the new game in town.
    Save college football, dump NFL & allied groups

  2. NFL boycott is still on! As long as the players protest, we’ll keep NOT watching them! IF they want to protest on their own time, that’s their right. But, as much as it costs to watch a game, I’m not spending money to watch some thug kneel in protest.

  3. May you Rest In Peace NFL we will not watch anymore,or pay to see your games. We will now shovel dirt on your grave. Now you can work for a living like the rest of us deplorable AMERICANS.

    • Exactly right Rob, it will take a lot of changes before the NFL ever gets the price of a ticket from me! I think the owners have had it so good for so long that they forgot who was paying for all of it and when they reelected what I believe is a “Doofus” for a Commissioner that did it for me!

  4. It seems that the Owners and Players have forgotten one thing, the “Fans!”
    Will the Fans countenance their shenanigans and put up with their moods?
    The die might have been already cast. You can’t turn Patriotism on a off like
    a “Light Bulb.”
    They may have already sealed their fate, in my estimation they can all go
    to that fabled warmer climate!

  5. I’m laying the total blame on the owners. In America, you don’t let the employees run the show. You make the rules and your employees follow them or they hit the road. The players are nothing more than employees who are very well paid. Managers are supposed to manage and if they can’t do it you replace them and that includes the commissionaire. He is well overpaid in my opinion. It is probably too late to start firing since the fans are so ticked off. I’m backing our President 100% even though I don’t go along with everything he says. He was right 100% when he first said the players should be fired if they don’t stand. We only have one country and we should all fight for it in every way.

  6. I had the NFL channel and I just had it canceled. They were charging almost $50 a month for 6 months. Glad I cancelled & won’ Miss it

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