VIDEO: 100s of Migrants Storm Spain’s Border

Early Thursday morning, some 800 sub-Saharan migrants armed with flamethrowers, Molotov cocktails, mallets, shears, and plastic containers filled with feces stormed a Spanish border fence, violently clashing with law enforcement.

At least 15 Civil Guard officers suffered injuries, five of whom were transferred to a local hospital, according to a report from Spain’s Civil Guard. “Molotov cocktails have also been recovered, as have bags of hashish,” the report added.

More than 600 of the migrants successfully crossed the Spanish-Moroccan border fence into Ceuta, a Spanish autonomous city along the coast of North Africa.


After crossings the fence, migrants threw stones at agents and their vehicles, breaking glass on at least three of them.


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  1. Notice they climbed a WALL?? Why do liberals have a problem with America having a wall? This kind of stuff is fixing to start happening here, if our border isn’t strengthened to help stop it.

  2. Start shooting the bastards, that will stop all of this lawlessness! Time to get serious and fuk the PC BS!

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