Handgun Ban?! Never Give Them Any Ground!

What happened in Toronto was a tragedy. While the loss of life wasn’t as high as many recent American mass shootings, the loss of two lives is always tragic. Many others were injured during the rampage, their lives impacted by a maniac with a gun.


However, Canada already has many of the gun control measures proposed after Parkland. As we can see, it didn’t stop the rampage. But undeterred anti-gunners in Canada won’t stop just because of a pesky thing like reality. They want to now push for a total handgun ban.

Canadian gun control advocates’ goal of civilian disarmament came further into focus this week following a tragic shooting Sunday in Toronto that killed two people and wounded 13. As law enforcement officials were still working to determine where attacker Faisal Hussain had obtained the pistol used in the shooting, various Toronto politicians called for a total ban on the sale or possession of handguns in Canada’s most populous city and for federal legislation that would ban the sale and possession of all handguns and semiautomatic firearms nationwide. Canada’s Liberal-led federal government has expressed its support for further gun control, and is reported to be contemplating a total handgun ban.

Access to handguns is already heavily restricted in Canada. In order to possess any firearm, an individual must obtain a Possession and Acquisition Licence, or PAL. License applicants are required to provide the Royal Canadian Mounted Police with a host of personal information, and are asked intrusive questions about their mental health history and even their current and former “conjugal partners.” The applicant must also provide references and show proof that they have completed the Canadian Firearms Safety Course.

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